About Santa Fe Mount Making

Santa Fe Mountmakers / Carlo Maggiora LLC
is a brother and sister team.  Carlo Maggiora is founder and chief designer/mount maker and lighting designer and heads the Cleveland, Ohio facility.  Cristina Maggiora is  a metalsmith, mountmaker , often project manager and currently heads the Santa Fe studio.

Carlo Maggiora mountmakerCarlo Maggiora began museum mount making  in the nineties with the reinstallation of the Egyptian galleries at the Cleveland Museum of Art.
  With over a decade of prior experience in film set construction and steel furniture making, Carlo designed and fabricated the mounts and hanging hardware for many of the large Egyptian stone reliefs and architectural fragments.   Carlo subsequently worked full time in the installation department of the Cleveland Museum of Art from 2001 to 2003, working on numerous exhibitions, making and installing mounts in the Pre-Columbian gallery, the Asian galleries and the African gallery.  Recently he assisted with the museum’s extensive renovation. Carlo also design lighting for exhibits..he just completed a lighting project for the main building of the Cleveland Public Library in Downtown Cleveland.  He founded Carlo Maggiora LLC in 2004.

Cristina Maggiora Santa Fe Museum MountmakersCristina Maggiora,  majored in metalsmithing at the Cleveland Institute of Art and is  a jewelry designer with a long career in New York City , showing and selling her work through major department stores, galleries and showrooms. Cristina and other skilled crew members work regularly on the design and fabrication of mounts and installations, in particular the delicate,  jewel like mounts for small artifacts and the construction of mannequins and textile fixtures. Cristina has been on the team since the founding of the company and travels to different cities to work on location when needed.  She now lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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